Exterior foggers (sometimes called Swingfogs) . 

This is the machine for big exterior smoke effects.
Australian Agent for pulsFOG - sales, hire, & parts.

     Instruction Manual:                   


Powerful, small, gas fueled outdoor foggers.

 Small, quiet but pump it out.  little rippers!

      Instruction Manual:

Green Meanies

Ambient studio diffusion fogger - 3 phase power required.
Superior hang time - up to 4 hours without re-fill, fills large event spaces, concert halls  and huge studios.
Long lasting atmospheric effect, creates that beautiful haze that gives the perfect shaft of light.

Fluid passes O.S.H.A. requirements.

     Instruction Manual:

3 Phase cracker

Super clean ambient fogger,uses no heat, instant "on", no throat or eye irritation. 
O.S.H.A health pass on fluid.
Long lasting atmospheric effect, creates that beautiful haze that gives the perfect shaft of light.

     Instruction Manual: 

DF-50 Hazer

Large low lying fog and steam effects, 3 phase power supply. (Dry ice must be purchased separately - BOC, Liquide Air, or similar suppliers) Variable speed fan forced for multiple effects.

     Instruction Manual:                                        Dry Ice Safety:    

3 Phase Dry Ice Fogger

ICE 1000 - Medium Low lying Fog generator.

Single phase (240V). Use with regular bag ice from

Service station etc. Simple to use,  for  smaller  Low

Fog effects. Has hand held remote controller. 

     Instruction Manual: 

ICE 1000

Powerful 240v fogger - can be used unplugged for

short periods. Interior & Exterior. Variable output.
As used by the ADF, and Fire Services.

     Instruction Manual: 

Colt 4 turbo

Large State of the art interior smoke machine.

 Variable output, DMX. Dual heaters - constant running.
 - No down time.

     Instruction Manual: 

Jem zr22 - Interior

Medium size interior smoke machine

with adjustable output.

     Instruction Manual:                                         


 The little baby of the line up. Small 240V fogger for tight spaces, and those little smoke jobs.

     Instruction Manual: 

Chauvet 700

Small to Medium size budget  240v interior fogger  Non Variable output.

     Instruction Manual: 

Rosco 1500

Real old School Outdoor Fogger. Run on Propane or MAP gas cartridge. Hand pump on fluid tank for 

pressure. Hand tap on smoke out put line so you can control output volume unlike Green meanies. 

Smoke fluid same as PulsFog or Green Meanie. Robust and tough.

     Instruction Manual:  Invented before stone tablets! You need to be an experienced Props person!

Jungle Foggers

Texas Productions stock a varied range of machines for interior and exterior applications. Please give us a call if you are unsure of the machine you require, we will be happy to help.

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