Various types of product ice available..

Hand made acrylic, blown glass, moulded acylic, silicone and rubber ice, all for various applications

Fake ICE

Go Jacks for moving and spinning cars in tight spots. Brilliant for studio shoots. Set of 4 , medium or large.

Jack stands, trolley Jacks, detailing equipment.

Go Jaks

Camouflage nets available in various colours and sizes.

20ft,  15ft and 12ft available in camo green, brown and others.

Ring for details.

Camo Nets

240V Bag Sealers. Variable heat settings. For preparing Hero product with "wave seal" ends.

Foot operated clamping.

Zig Zag pinking shears also available.

Bag Sealers

CO2 guns, various sizes, with hoses, regulators, E size CO2 bottles.

CO2 Rigs

Wide selection of generic and specialty number plates (including mirror image and reverse) for hire.

Number Plates

Various Heat Haze Guns and Bars, all with hoses, regs and LPG bottles.

Flame bars and rings up to 1.2m.

NOTE: Heat haze bars and guns give off no visible flame, only heat shimmer to distort image.

Heat Haze & Flame Bars

LPG powered portable heater.

JetFire Heater


3 phase large steamer for big steam effects. Also Dry Ice.
Smaller 240v adaptable for boiling radiator effects, shower effects, food effects etc Multiple heads and extensions.

Steam Machines

Drill powered cobweb spinners, Aerosols and fibres.

Cobweb spinners

Small Rain Bars from 1.8 mtrs to 6 mtrs. For contained rain effects, cars, windows, contained areas.

Will run off household tap and hoses. Can be erected in C Stands. Supplied with hoses and fittings.

Rain Bars

Film Dust available by the bucket or 20KG bag. Extremely low in silica, fine brown dust.

Dustin Mizer dust spreaders for hire.


A selection of some of the Effects equipment we have for hire. If it's not on the list please ring us - we may have it, (volcanic logs, rainbars, sprays, aerosols, backpack sprayers, car jacks etc etc.)

Texas Productions stock a varied range of SFX equpment for various applications. Please give us a call if you are unsure of the machine you require, we will be happy to help.

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