SFX Hire Equipment for Film and TV

Based in Sydney, Australia, and founded by industry specialists, Texas Productions supplies SFX equipment, Green and Blue Screens to the professional film industry. 

Our Hire division supply a large range of Greenscreens, Bluescreens and ChromaKey screens, and all support equipment - frames, paint, tapes, card, suits, hoods, gloves and all your screen needs.

The Hire Department also can look after your shoot for most special effects and Standby Props equipment including fans, wind machines, turntables, smoke machines, flame bar and snakes, dust, fake and product ice, go-jaks, heat haze guns / bars, camouflage nets, jet-fire heaters, rain bars, sprays etc.

We have been working on set, with Australia's best since 1982 so please utilise our experience, we are always happy to help.

Blue and Green Screens

Screens, frames, stands, suits, tape, paint in chroma and digital blue, red and green

Texas Productions is a leading SFX Hire Company based in Artarmon.
We supply a large range of Digital and ChromaKey screens, and all support equipment. Frames, paint, tapes, card, suits, hoods, gloves and all your screen needs.
We have screens available in Digital and Chromakey blue, green and red, available in various fabric types for different applications.
Basic screen package includes screen, dutchman joiner (velco backed narrow screen strip to join multiple screens, or hide frame edges) and frame or stand kit.


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